Escaper, a travelogue of the world’s best getaways, was founded in the middle of the ocean in May 2014 by four friends who made a commitment to adventure more often. Follow the traveling stories of the four friends if you too, are in pursuit of inspiring and attainable vacations. Life’s too short to visit the same place twice.



Phil – Part-time travel agent, part-time secret agent and Captain of the Sea. Only Italian incapable of getting a tan. Voted most likely to serenade the ladies with a John Mayer cover.


Kelsey – Killer cocktail maker. Resident chef and fashionista. Has dance skills to pay the bills. Proud mama to an Iggy named Tony.

James – Grew up in Florida but has developed an ironically strong allergy to the sun and a true disdain for sand. City-Lover. Beach-Tolerator. Jimmy Fallon look-alike who can entertain nearly anyone at a moment’s notice.


Kristi – Workaholic who is learning to relax more often. Avid reader, chief negotiator, and culture researcher. Hates to fly but loves to travel and always opts for a road trip.