Summer is finally here!  While most Philadelphians spend their weekends laying out and cruising the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore, we decided to head the opposite way and give the mountains a try.  We needed a change of scenery, so we headed one hundred miles north of Philadelphia, for a day of hiking Mount Tammany in the Delaware Water Gap. Mount Tammany is a beautiful mountain in the middle of the Worthington State Forest containing ample trails, secret swimming holes, and killer overlooks that proved to be well worth the traffic we hit leaving the city.

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In order to make good time, we left as early as we could.  The hike loop we chose was about 4 miles, so we packed light: trail shoes, sunglasses, and enough beef jerky, dried fruit, and water to keep us hydrated and energized for the afternoon.  Shoutout to our 90’s-era JanSport® backpack, which crushed it as a day pack for two (even though it was originally purchased to keep Kristi’s junior high Trapper Keepers safe and sound).

The minute we arrived, we realized that this would not be our only trip to the DWG.  The Delaware river curves around the mountain and activities abound.  Between camping, kayaking, swimming, exploring, and hiking, you could spend more than a few summer days with friends there.

mount tammany

We elected to take the more difficult of the two paths up the mountain (obv.), which had about 1.5 miles of well marked, somewhat challenging terrain up to the summit.  Rocky inclines are separated by sprawling pathways that eventually give way to a couple of breathtaking overlooks.  The 2.5 mile descent had a much easier feel to it.  We only spent a few hours on the mountain, but, as I said, you could take your time and turn it into a whole day with no trouble at all.  My biggest regret was resisting the urge to join the crew that was cliff diving at a water hole near the base.

Things to do in Delaware

If you live in New York or Eastern Pennsylvania and you’re looking for an easy day away from the noise, take a look at the Delaware Water Gap.  Chances are good that we might run into each other.  Who knows, we may even share our beef jerky.