Ladies, it’s time we talk about something that every woman thinks about but not that many vocalize. The struggle to find a great and fully functional bathing suit.

You know what I’m talking about. Every season or two you start to think about where on earth you are going to find a suit that fits, looks good, and doesn’t result in any kind of wardrobe malfunction.

This year my pursuit of great swimwear started early. I’m sick and tired of waiting till the last minute to find a suit that I am less than happy about. There’s nothing worse than not feeling confident or comfortable in a bathing suit. In early March, I decided to take retail by storm to finally find a suit for that summer vacation I’m looking forward to. 

After consulting a few friends, I decided to order as many bathing suits as possible from top online designers in order to find just one perfect suit.  Sound easy? Not so fast. I nixed every suit that didn’t meet the following criteria:

1. No white suits that aren’t lined (I am not currently trying to enter any wet t-shirt contests).

2. No bathing suit bottoms with ties (While they might be cute, I like swimming and I prefer that my bottoms stay on).

3. No suits without lining will be considered. No exceptions (I should not need to say more).

Before James knew what hit our credit card, I ordered 10 killer possibilities. I figured with 10 suits to try, I’d at least find one perfect match. I ordered a few styles in multiple sizes just to be safe. It was sort of like “The Bachelorette,” only with bathing suits – where I could definitely see myself falling in love with one of my selections.

Just as suspected, a few suits arrived that had no built-in bra or had flimsy support. Another suit arrived with crooked seams. Clearly, finding the perfect suit was even more complicated than I thought it would be – and keep in mind, these were supposed to be top designer bathing suits.

I tell you all of the frustrating twists and turns, so that you can rejoice with me that I was finally able to find a quality bathing suit for the summer days ahead. Ladies, I give you: Huit

Huit might be the first bathing suit company I’ve ever known to actually provide suits with great style, fit, quality, and functionality. Of the 10 suits I ordered, Huit’s suit is the only one that won’t be going back to the store. I ordered the Mango Tango suit and it was immediately clear that Huit’s aim is excellence. The seams are sewn with precision, the suit is lined and offers great support, and the pattern is unique and feminine. That’s all a girl wants in a great suit – thank you, Huit, for listening. I can’t wait to hit the beach this summer! 

Tell me friends, has your bathing suit shopping experience been as frustrating as mine? Will you give Huit a chance? Leave a comment.