We all get it. When you travel; you eat. But what do you wash it all down with? Luckily, if you find yourself exploring the Bay Area, an amazing beer is never far away. Here are 4 beer experiences you should be sure not to miss!


Mikkeller Bar34 Mason St
San Francisco, CA 94102

Beer fanatics are always on the hunt for the rare, the distinct, the complex; anything that makes their beer loving friends jealous. This is where you can find all of these and more. Mikkeller Bar, the American embassy of Danish craft brewer Mikkeller, specializes in unique styles (think nose turning sours and brews with rare ingredients) and frequently has at least one beer found nowhere else in the States on their 42 taps (arranged by serving temperature).


The Monk’s Kettle – 3141 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103

If you prefer the deep sultry allure and yeasty quality of a tall spicy Belgian blonde (ale), you’ll love spending a night with the Monk’s Kettle. Start with a Kriek and charcuterie and end with a Pilsner and the highly regarded pretzel. You’ll leave feeling tres Belgique.


The Torpedo Room – 2031 4th St
Berkeley, CA 94710

Sierra Nevada has been a household name since their early beginnings in the 80s, and are largely credited with sparking this crazy craft beer movement. Sierra Nevada makes their beers in nearby Chico, but brought their solid lineup and insane attention to craft beer detail to Berkeley in 2013. The Torpedo Room is less of a bar (closes at 8pm most days) and more of a shrine/laboratory to the art of beer. Be sure to catch one of their frequent events!


The Good Hop – 2421 Telegraph Ave Ste 102
Oakland, CA 94612

Beer people always seem to find each other, and that’s exactly what happened when we popped into The Good Hop during our adventure in Oakland. Located right near downtown Oakland, The Good Hop is a great neighborhood bottle shop where visitors can rub elbows with the local beer drinking elite. Grab a bottle you can’t find back home in the well stocked cases, and cozy up at the bar for a pint of something great. After all, that’s what this whole crazy obsession is all about!