Every year, beginning in October, I ask myself why I’ve never moved south. It’s true, every August, while it’s still in the 80s, I start to dread the coming cold weather on the East Coast. It’s the curse of being a female – no amount of layers actually keeps me warm, which means winter sports like sledding, skiing, and ice skating have fallen by the wayside.

Last winter though, our friends, Kim and Andrew, invited us to visit them in the even-colder-than-Philly Adirondacks to enjoy some snowmobiling. They assured us that they would have gear we could borrow to stay warm – but I wasn’t so sure. That is until I tried on SmartWool socks designed specifically for snow sports. Woah world, it’s time someone let you in on the secret of SmartWool socks (Above is Kim and Andrew’s sweet family modeling them).

No, they’re not cheap, expect to pay $25 or $30 per pair – but based on comfort alone, you’ll wish you could wear them every day of the week. The fit is incredible and snug, made from ReliaWool Technology (whatever that means). Your feet will stay dry and warm rather than becoming sweaty trapped inside your boots. The socks come in two sizes – crew and over the calf. …Hmmm, I wonder if SmartWool bodysuits are a thing?

You need to know that I’m not being paid to endorse SmartWool, I honestly want to ease the pain and suffering that I know many of us face each winter. You can bet these socks will be on my Amazon wish list this year and you should add them to yours too. I survived snowmobiling in extreme temperatures, so I know it’s hard to believe – but yes, these socks will actually keep you warm this winter.

What about you? What tricks do you have for staying warm in the winter? Leave a tip below.