OK, Let’s talk weekend getaways. For years, I had to choose between a tiny backpack (read: high school leftovers) and full-on airport-ready roller for Friday thru Sunday trips. I either stuffed the backpack to the brim or carried an extra 5 pounds of frame and rollerblade wheels.

Recently, I realized something: duffle bags rule. And Herschel makes some really strong options when you’re looking for that perfect blend of size, style, and durability. I recently picked up the Herschel Ravine Duffle and took it on a quick test run to Martha’s Vineyard. I’m happy to report that it exceeded my expectations in every way. I ordered directly from Herschel’s website (which surprisingly turned out to be the cheapest online option on the day I made my purchase) and the bag arrived one day early.

Herschel Duffle Bag Wide

The bag itself is made of durable canvas – it feels to me like it will wear nicely over time. In addition to the super convenient shoulder strap, Herschel lines their bags with a signature white and red striped coated cotton-poly fabric, giving it a subtle, yet unique quality. It looks great against the black color I chose. The handles are nice and sturdy and the bag holds a surprising amount of clothing. According to Herschel’s size guide, I can fit approximately 10 shirts and 8 pairs of pants in my bag – that’s fairly conservative. The bag holds 31 L, and if that doesn’t suit your needs, you can upgrade to the Novel Duffle that holds 39 L and comes with a built-in shoe compartment – yeah, they thought of that too. (They have additional sizes that expand the collection to cover the range between 22 and 53L).

Herschel Duffle Bag Open

In closing, let me encourage you to check these bags out. They are the perfect medium-sized option – working equally well in the gym locker or in the back of the jeep for a quick 4-day trek to your next escape. This is simple luggage at its best, friends. Pack well and travel well