After the initial launch of, many of you reached out to ask questions regarding the cost of sailing the great blue.

I know that every one of us is searching for a dream vacation that costs absolutely nothing. And while our little trip wasn’t free, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that sailing in the Virgin Islands can be affordable.  Below, our own should-be-travel-agent, Phil, provides the following break down of total cost for those of you who want to know the specifics:

Boat – $3,100 (5 nights)
*Cost of boat varies depending on size, and number of nights rented. We rented a 36-foot catamaran with two bedrooms, which was perfect for two couples.

Airfare – $2,000

Food  - $400

Hotel – $400 (2 nights)

Slush Fund – $500
You’ll need a slush fund for the following:

  • Taxis (they are cash-only)
  • Mooring Balls ($30 per night on average to secure your boat)
  • Water and ice (for use on the boat)
  • Random snacks and cocktails

Grand Total: $6,400

Per Person: $1,600 

Keep in mind, this was no ordinary trip. It was a 7 day trip of a lifetime and for a cost per person of just $1,600, we think this is an opportunity that can’t be beat.