There’s nothing quite like an easy weekend in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. For a change of scenery, our little group (Phil, Kelsey, James, Kristi, Sam and Becca) packed up our cars and headed to Sylvan Lake for a quick escape from the concrete jungle.

The plan was to crash at a relative’s cabin and enjoy the simple things like cookouts, bonfires, good music, and great friends.


Of course, we had to take things up a notch from an ordinary Pocono weekend. What could be better than hanging out and enjoying the simple life? Water-skiing. It turns out, we gained access to a small boat and water skis and since Phil has his boating license, we all decided to give it a try.

Kristi was the most excited participant, since for over 10 years, she’s wanted to learn how to water-ski. And though it’s been top of her bucket list, she hadn’t found anyone with a boat who was willing to take her out on the water.


Boat, life vest, water skis, camera – check, check, check, and check. OK, so maybe only two of us were actually able to get up and ski, but we all took a few turns and had a blast learning the technique. It’s thrilling to say we were able to try it!




After day one on the water, we enjoyed a delicious cookout on the dock and some great snuggles in the sunshine with Phil and Kelsey’s new Italian Greyhound puppy, Tony. And what’s a weekend at the lake without an evening bonfire? Next time, however, we’ll remember to bring bug spray and s’mores!

On day two we enjoyed more of the same, though this time we went tubing on the water. Yes, even big kids can have fun tubing! Boating_on_Lake_Sylvan


In the spirit of trying new things, a few of us headed to a public gun range to try our hand at shooting. Upon arrival, we realized we weren’t entirely prepared. The range was quite crowded with some serious gunmen wielding even more serious guns. Without ear protection, we quickly decided we were not long for this activity.

We each took turns shooting a .22 caliber rifle and pistol, and just before our ears begun bleeding, we gathered our belongings and headed back to the lake. Perhaps shooting wasn’t for us, but it was certainly worth doing something different! Tubing and swimming are definitely more our style.

Shooting_Range_The_Poconos Shooting_Range_Lake_Sylvan 


We ended our nights by the fire, recounting the day’s adventures.  So there you have it. We hope our impromptu getaway inspires you to get active and try something you haven’t before. Our little weekend wasn’t fancy and didn’t require a lot of cash but we did make memories that will last a lifetime.