Alright, girlfriends. Ready for the easiest packing list of your life? Good. Let’s do this. The first thing to remember is LESS is MORE when you’re in the BVI’s. Since I am a complete beach bum, I knew for a fact that I would be living in swimsuits as much as possible during our time at sea. I am also a total freak when it comes to organization so I found a couple of tools to be very helpful.


As James mentioned, a duffel bag and smaller carry on are really all you need for the trip. Since we had a ton of sunscreen,  we ended up checking one bag. My blue and white backpack was a lifesaver for this trip. I am prone to carrying way too many over the shoulder bags that leave me feeling flustered and overwhelmed when looking for my passport, plane ticket and lipgloss at the airport or in transit. This small bag rested comfortably on my back and I knew exactly where each item was at all times. This gave me peace of mind and free hands!

Of course, there is also the requisite reading for your travel time and time at sea. I love to  bring fashion mags and a good novel or inspirational non-fiction book to kill the time and feed my brain.

Finally, the black and white bikini bag was perfect for our adventures onto islands. The waterproof bag held our iPhones, credit cards and cash perfectly! I highly recommend investing in a waterproof bag for your BVI adventure.

Outfit Suggestions

SPF, swimsuits, swimsuits and more swimsuits ladies! I cannot emphasize enough that, while the temptation to pack super cute dresses and jeans is definitely there, it just isn’t practical for this type of vacation. You’ll be living in bikinis, cover-ups and long tank tops. The one additional item I would recommend, though not the most trendy look, is a poncho; we had some serious rain! Here are a couple of the outfits I lived in the entire week:

Day One:

Fedora, romper, H&M bikini top, F21 bikini bottom

I highly recommend some sort of hat to provide additional protection from the sun. Rompers worked like a charm on this trip. Throw one on over your swimsuit or wear alone for a quick trip to an island bar for a famous Painkiller cocktail!

Day Two:

Romper, F21 Swimsuit

Once again, rompers and swimsuits rule! I think you are learning the drill.

Day Three:

Coca Cola top, Charlotte Reusse shorts, Wetseal Swimsuit.

I also lived in flowy tank tops and cotton shorts. These items were not constricting, kept me cool and were colorful and stylish. I loved dressing for the BVI’s because when else do you have the opportunity to wear crazy shorts and silly shirts and no one cares?! The BVI’s are all about a style that I affectionately call “Comfy Town”. Just wear what works for you and make it fun!

Day Four:


Philadelphia crop top, distressed jean shorts, fedora.

Another important item is sunglass wear. I picked up a cute pair at Aldo for $10. Again, a hat provides additional protection. I rocked this outfit on our night out at Willy T’s, a famous boat bar. It was fun to rep my city and and I just love these shorts!

Day Five:


One maxi dress, fedora and Aldo sunnies.

I did bring ONE dress along. It was nice to have as travel option for heading home or a nice dinner out at the Marriot Resort we stayed at on each end of our trip. I recommend only one or two sun dresses since they really won’t get a ton of use!

That is it, ladies! Add in some unmentionables and a couple more swimsuits and you are set! While you’re in the BVI’s, you will never feel so comfortable, fresh and alive. The lack of worry about clothing and beauty regimen is freeing and rejuvenates your body and skin.


Choosing footwear for the trip is just as easy as your clothing pack list. I brought a pair of flats for the plane rides, flip flops for around the boat and at the bars, and a pair of faux TOMS that I wore while snorkeling. One of my faux TOMS went overboard – hence, no picture! Thankfully, the shoes were only $5 at a local clothing store so it wasn’t a big loss. However, this was also a good lesson; don’t bring anything that would cause you to cry or curse if you were to lose it. A sailing trip is beautiful, but it can get wet and windy!


My parting words are this: be creative, have fun, live in your bikini and don’t over-pack! You will love the relaxed vibe of the BVI’s and you’ll want your style to match it! Go out and be your gorgeous, bad selves!