As the cold weather approaches, it reminds me of last winter, when our good friends, Andrew and Kim, invited us to their home in the Adirondacks (Schroon Lake, NY to be exact) for a chance to visit, enjoy the natural surroundings, and experience snowmobiling at its finest.

First, understand that Schroon Lake is a beautiful area close to the better known Lake George and is just a 45 minute drive to Lake Placid. It’s an incredibly rural area filled mostly with people who own second homes and escape to the beauty of the town from their busy lives in Manhattan. In fact, Andrew runs a property management firm for such individuals.


Second, understand that our friend, Andrew, is an avid snowmobiler who owns top of the line snow mobiles for himself, his wife, and his two small children. Snowmobiling is a family affair in his household.


See what I mean?

Schroon Lake is cold in the winter. In case you didn’t read that, I said, Schroon Lake is extremely cold in the winter. The average low temperature is 4 degrees (that’s 17 degrees colder on average than where we live in Philadelphia). Suiting up for the sport is a serious endeavor and requires fancy gear like SmartWool socks, snow pants and jacket, gloves, and a helmet.


Yeah, that’s me in Kim’s gear. Fancy, huh?

Call me ignorant, but I didn’t quite know what it would feel like to snowmobile. If I had any clue that it felt like a motorcycle, I probably would never have been brave enough to give it a try. It’s absolutely terrifying but also thrilling, so I can see why the sport has gotten under Andrew’s skin. The mountain top views are also absolutely gorgeous – and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to venture onto the frozen lake.

Wondering if you should try snowmobiling this season? Let me warn you again, it’s not for the faint of heart or for those who are risk adverse. It is dangerous – but it’s certainly a fun activity that can shake you from the humdrum of winter. Below, Andrew shares a GoPro video and photos of a recent trail run.