Imagine this: it’s 80 degrees – just warm enough to bask in the sun’s heat, yet cool enough to find perfect shelter in the shade for a nap.  Inhale and take in the distinctly clean, salty air of the sea.  You can feel it glaze over your skin and subtly comb its fingers through your hair. It reminds you of those blissful beach trips from your youth.  But it is different. The salt isn’t as heavy, the breeze isn’t as fleeting, there’s no trash or syringes washed ashore, and instead of a brownish-blue, the water here is a hue of turquoise and green like you’ve never seen. And it’s crystal clear!  You look down and see hundreds of brightly colored fish, free spirited sprigs of vibrant coral colonies, and the white-sand ocean floor forty feet below you. The only sounds are the gentle lapping of calm waters and the whistling of a light but persistent breeze. No revving of car engines or passing of semi trucks. No sirens or horns piercing the calm. Only the occasional splash of a pelican diving for his dinner.  Otherwise it’s just the pink noise of the sea and the breeze.

Lifting your head and looking around you see numerous friendly little islands, each mountainous and lush with vegetation, so closely nestled that they seem to fold into one another. The islands’ coasts are each dotted with exclusive white sand beaches, rocky cliff faces perfect for a high dive, and emerald green coves – all of which shelter vibrant coral reefs teeming with the kind of marine life that can only otherwise be seen in magazines or on the discovery channel. Each of these reefs contain hundreds of species of colorful little fish, coral, and sea vegetation, all living in perfect balance with one another.

And hey, if fish, coral and marine life isn’t totally your thing, there’s much more to see. Many of these coves have hopping beach bars on shore too. Some may feature live music and limbo sticks, but all of them keep their bars and refrigerators fully stocked with all the fruity rum drinks and Red Stripe your heart could desire. And if you know where to look, a few of these places even turn into full blown clubs at night, bumping with 1000w sound systems, cranking out the latest top 40 hits and remixes – perfect for getting weird on the dance floor!

So, after a few minutes of careful visual consideration, you choose one. You inform the gang of your magnificently laid out master plan, and head to the back of the boat. The  yacht you rented is a beautiful catamaran with all the amenities of modernity, including several private bedrooms and bathrooms, a fully usable kitchen (“galley”) with all the appliances you’d expect, but most importantly, she’s all yours for the next week.

So while everyone else is sunning themselves on the trampoline at the front of the boat, you take your seat at the wheel (“helm”). By gently pressing two power buttons, both of the 20hp Volvo penta diesel engines pipe up and begin to make this kitty purr instantly.  You remove your rope (“line”) from the mooring ball, put the boat in gear, turn the wheel to point yourself at that cove you so carefully contemplated, and head on out. Thirty minutes to an hour later you arrive at your next slice of paradise, and the day’s work is done – unless of course you feel the ambitious pangs of wanderlust once more and decide to do it all over again.

Now imagine for one week, the only thing you have to worry about is deciding on which one of these perfect little island havens it is you want to go to. This is possible! This is real!

In May of 2014 this was our week long reality – and let me assure you – it was every bit as glorious, relaxing, and adventurous as it sounds and wanted it to be!  In fact, we loved it so much that we were inspired to tell the world and detail out each step we took in planning and living this trip so that anyone reading can book the same escape and share the same amazing experiences. So please come back soon to read and see more about our amazing Yachting adventure in the BVIs.

Although this yachting trip was absolute perfection, it really just wet our appetite for taking relaxing, yet unique and adventurous vacations. So from this point on, we’ll be chronicling every future escape we make right here on this blog we call Escaper.  We hope you’ll follow along so you can learn exactly how to escape for yourself. So please come back frequently and let us share our experiences with you and offer travel inspiration in turn.

Welcome, fellow Escaper.

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